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Online Fallout RP

Discussion in 'Tabletop/Digital Interactive & RPGs' started by Dovahkiin, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Dovahkiin

    Dovahkiin Active Member

    Jul 15, 2015
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    In honor of Fallout 4 being released, I would like to propose an online RP based in the Fallout universe. I have a character created for when me and my friends do a Fallout DnD, but an online Roleplay sounds like a blast too!

    Any takers?
  2. Cancerblack

    Cancerblack ad lucem

    Jul 12, 2015
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    Only tangentially related, but I've been playing a ton of this:


    It's 100% Fallout even without any licensed branding. I've wound up doing a lot of RP during the initial section of the campaign as the leader of my Enclave warband, so I guess if this ever happened I'd play as her. Hard to find the time for more RP though tbh.
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