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Under the Silver Lake (2018)

Discussion in 'Independent | Art House & Foreign Cinema' started by Stanley Kuteprik, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Stanley Kuteprik

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    Jul 12, 2015
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    From writer-director David Robert Mitchell comes a sprawling, playful and unexpected mystery-comedy detective thriller about the Dream Factory and its denizens—dog killers, aspiring actors, glitter-pop groups, nightlife personalities, It girls, memorabilia hoarders, masked seductresses, homeless gurus, reclusive songwriters, sex workers, wealthy socialites, topless neighbors, and the shadowy billionaires floating above (and underneath) it all. Mining a noir tradition extending from Kiss Me Deadly and The Long Goodbye to Chinatown and Mulholland Drive, Mitchell uses the topography of Los Angeles as a backdrop for a deeper exploration into the hidden meaning and secret codes buried within the things we love.

    From the director of It Follows.
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  2. Alex_Murphy

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    So it's basically that paper towels movie but with anthony perkins
  3. Alex_Murphy

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    *paper towns
  4. Alex_Murphy

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